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Pillette Academic Life Coaching, LLC

Person First, Student Second

Kate, a white woman, smiling while seated with greenery in the background wearing jeans and a blouse

Hi, I'm Kate (she/her)

I am so glad you’ve found me and are making this important step toward taking control of your academic life! As your academic life coach, my ultimate goal is for you to become an independent problem-solver and confident self-advocate.


I work with high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who feel overwhelmed by academic stress. Many of my students have diagnosed learning disabilities and mental health or chronic health challenges. Other students struggle to manage academic and life transitions, or simply don't fit the narrow mold of our traditional educational system.

With 10 years of professional experience in K-12 and higher education, I have the perspective and expertise of a tutor, school psychologist, and disability specialist. My profession has taught me that you are always a person first, and a student second. This is the foundation of my academic life coaching services. I want you to thrive not just in school, but in life, because there is so much more to life than school!

Kate changed my life. I had already finished my undergrad when I started working with her. I don't know how I got any of it done but I know that all my academics (and even my life) are so much smoother now. I learned valuable techniques and tools that are going to continue helping me no matter what I do.

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